UUID Number of times used
Ensure scaled service delivery in cloud 972fd220-02a4-4bac-a6dd-a5d7bed1868f 1
Have a high number of matches a4589662-3e2d-433d-9fec-5d7b6abf7bef 1
Have a high quality of resource descriptions 86c7bedf-4c57-4bf6-8c4d-40acb266c6bf 1
To aquire missing capacity 40022e7e-8830-4852-9f77-be718481b600 1
To attain missing expertise a3c73a5e-1524-4e38-8cb3-6accf75ce6a0 1
To avoid extra expenses 5d5461aa-ed95-4521-9f67-fc3381f56a89 1
To complete on time 3fb24f4b-37a5-4eb3-a5c7-7c585c5dec12 2
To complete on time c0d63963-5d2d-4c49-865f-791997cbab77 2
To enable proactive adjustment acbbeb1a-bef5-4e21-be47-22cc5c8a1a51 2
To ensure compliance with administrative requirements 22689f9e-60b9-4052-a068-bb9dcc3a51fa 1
To ensure efficient data exchange 89e5894f-601e-4bad-b8a8-13e2b5ae940c 2
To ensure efficient travel management 915ecc5d-3fa1-4b13-8246-f052b7477681 2
To ensure efficient travel management 4fdbe7ee-6e36-4a7a-af27-cd5e7f16b9a1 1
To ensure meeting requirements 9528b182-a7fc-469f-bc50-9f024da6d8e5 1
To ensure predictability of trip 861f8bd6-97e2-45e2-a454-0f9f4932d86b 1
To ensure safe and pleasant trip 7803d9ee-28ac-42bf-a12b-c7e248022039 1
To ensure safe trip 8fb8a96e-deaf-4800-9a63-bd90ca766d2b 1
To ensure safety 5a813ba5-d075-4733-a6dd-4e037cd78610 1
To focus on core competencies 7c1f1b1a-892f-4efe-a954-0af5a5d46af4 1
To fulfill demand 276ad3bf-598d-4905-83f0-a7989844288d 1
To improve realiability 7989dd9e-0add-4ab3-8ddc-6e3d3695f13a 1
To increase responsiveness e42724c1-55d1-463d-9f07-ce8e00dc29a0 1
To maximize utilization 300891ac-a3a1-46df-9f12-3deba54cb78f 1
To maximize utilization da10f4cb-ba64-41f1-bde9-77b51dd02309 2
To minimize cloud resource consumption 529e4332-282a-4e3c-b088-341d4cf4f1ba 1
To minimize cost 4872482b-cf5f-4c76-9b63-3a3334e9668a 3
To minimize errors 8254be07-5f1d-4dbc-a9db-cedfad57c99d 4
To minimize liabilities 4ab8ae6a-05a1-4fda-951c-3ef8c2e4610e 1
To minimize manual processing 59a035b3-a0bb-420a-bf1a-bbab007724b5 1
To minimize scheduling conflicts a5adff75-237b-40c9-8797-9429c0bdf7ac 1