Context based resource management

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A part of capability management is to ensure that the organisation has the ability and capacity to perform capability delivery. While abilities concerns such things as knowledge and processes, capacity concerns possessing the right amount of resources to carry out the deliver.
A problem here is that different contexts situations requires different capacity of resources, thus there is a need to calculate the required capacities for a certain context situation.
The capability delivery capacity is provided by resources involved in the capability delivery.


This pattern is applicable when there is:

  • A capability that consumes varying amount of resources depending on the context situation
  • A capability were the needed capacities of used resources can be at least estimated 

The solution involves creating a set of context situations, and for each of them estimated or calculate the capacity of resources needed.
This includes:

  • Using a context model to analyse the capability context
  • Defining context elements describing the context
  • Defining the resources needed.
  • Identify a set of Context situations, each describing a possible context situation with set values for each context element.
  • Identify correlations between the context situations and the capacity of resources. 

The last step, connecting context situation to resource use, is described further in the CDD method extension “Capacity Evaluation”.